A journey through the wonderful world of Viparis’ salons
> Salons
Award-winning mind-blowing new animation for the Dailymotion Animation Film Contest
> Pictureless
Societe Générale App
A new commercial for a new app
> Societe Générale App
Web commercial
> Boxmyjob
Fooding Guide 2013 et 2014
Animated theater commercial for Fooding
> Fooding Guide 2013 et 2014
Adventure Kids
Clothes for adventure kids
> Adventure Kids
Reduc Avenue
New fresh animated TV spot for
> Reduc Avenue
Boursin Salade
Commercial for Boursin, the famous French cheese. Enjoy it!
> Boursin Salade
BH Fitness
"Breath" represents the particular moment after a strong effort
> BH Fitness
Web and theater campaign for the new australian app FiveO.
> FiveO
TheoAndZeGang - J’aime Pas
Video clip of a new single by TheoAndZeGang
> TheoAndZeGang - J’aime Pas
FIPA openings credits
For the occasion of the 24th Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels
> FIPA openings credits
Gyre opening
Opening credits for the production company Gyre Entertainment
> Gyre opening
A profound animation for the clothing brand Saint James. The man and the sea..
> Seaside
Tea or Coffee
Are you more tea or coffee?
> Tea or Coffee
Web video
Watch out this video and you realise how much web video can help your business.
> Web video
Monet Exhibition
6 animation movies for the exhibition Monet 2010 to spring 2011 at Grand-Palais.
> Monet Exhibition
Chronology of famous fake tits
The brand dBb-remond wanted to focus on their expertness of more than 60 years.
> Chronology of famous fake tits
J’ai peur
Video clip for new single "J’ai peur" by the french rapper Hippocampe Fou
> J’ai peur
Sur Le Fil
"Sur Le Fil", a great balance between short movie and music video clip.
> Sur Le Fil
Bulle de Gomme
2D animations for this nice live-action short feature by Jérémy Frey
> Bulle de Gomme
Fait d'hiver
A cute and humoristic tale, with a wonderful animation and amazing backgrounds. Enjoy!
> Fait d'hiver
A short feature by Frédéric Bussière. A great travel into the world of limbo..
> Limbes
Eibach Federn 60th annniversary
Celebrating 60 years of innovation with a hand-made artwork.
> Eibach Federn 60th annniversary
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